Being a grumpy old man is no joke

Some “experts” claim that being grumpy is a sign of being depressed.  Geriatric grouchiness may be a sign of a serious problem. Who are these “experts” and what research have they done to come to this conclusion? Whilst you are thinking about it I am off to Richmond Hill Hotel near Richmond Park for some tea and biscuits.

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Just another whinge

This grumpy old man in Richmond is being told that his posts are happy and upbeat. That he is not really grumpy. Hey folks, being grumpy is not easy. Also one is at ones “happiest” when one is at ones “grumpiest”.

Dinner at the Petersham Hotel Richmond postponed, for now anyways.

17 degrees celsius and overcast on June 6 and they call it global warming. The flags and buntings have not been removed from our street.

I wonder if Gloriana has returned to be moored in Richmond?

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Street Party – Lighting the beacon

The street party went well. It was very well organised by Zoe and Suzie (a big thank you)and almost everyone living on our street attended. I met many wonderful neighbours of all ages and ate a lot of their food. Everything from kosher bbq to persian salad. I met Monsignor William Saunders the Parish Priest and exchanged views on a host of topics including cricket.

Took some photographs, got a bit wet and very cold.

Went at night to Our Lady Queen of Peace Church, to observe a lighting the beacon ceremony to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Some people were in fancy dress  and I told them had I known it was a fancy dress party I would have gone in my dhoti. Bit dark to take photos. Monsignor Saunders lit the beacon and we all sang the national anthem. 

Lighting the beacon -1

Lighting the beacon -1

Lighting the beacon

Just another photo

Due to the lateness of the hour we did not go for dinner at The Petersham Hotel Richmond Ah well!!

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Street Party – The Photos







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Street Party

11.8 degrees now and 14% chance of rain and one is expected to join our Richmond street party to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I have no opinion about the Queen as I do not know her.

The road has been blocked and tables and chairs placed in the middle of the street. Plenty of Union Flags and buntings to decorate the homes and road. Mostly made in China, no doubt.  I may sell them on ebay or give them to Richmond Park Hotel after the event.

New neighbours moving in across the road.

More later.


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The Apprentice

Watched The Apprentice final episode last night. In my opinion the producers got the show the wrong way around. Surely the correct think to have done would be for the contestants to submit their business plans to Alan Sugar before the series inorder that he could select the ones he would consider?. The submission can be done without disclosing the identity of the contestant whose plan it is.

Going to The Petersham Hotel on Richmon Hill for dinner tonight. Their restaurant serves great food and the view from the hill is breathtaking.

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Diamond Jubilee River Pagaent

Went for a walk yesterday to Richmond Inn Hotel which is accross the road from Quinns Hotel, junction of Church Road and Sheen Road. Not a pleasant walk as it was drizzling and I did not take my brolly.

Neighbour’s boy came over with a box of chocolates to say thank you for putting up with the noise the night before when he had a party to celebrate the end of his AS level exams. Apparently the party went on till 1am which is a bit early. I asked him if his friends wrecked his place and he said no. What is happening to the younger generation? When I was his age, no party would be complete unless the venue was wrecked and no party ended before 7am.

Enjoyed the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee River Pagaent by sleeping through it. I am certainly not going to watch it again.

Street party today, nice drizzle will help.

Bah humbug!!

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